My name is Carmine Fusaro and I produce handcrafted and  for passion  pens in precious wood and special materials, even if I don’t disdain to produce other small items such as key chains, door perfumes, etc.
I cultivate the passion for wood since I was a child, then it was concentrated in the production of these precious writing instruments which have the great advantage of being absolutely unique not reproducible, as even some similar implementing projects, the very nature of the wood makes them individual pieces.
The wood used is from a careful selection of the grain to provide the highest possible visual impact and, most importantly, they are not painted with traditional paints in thickness but with special pastes and creams absolutely nontoxic whose members are found naturally in foods, cosmetics, medicines, etc. These creams are designed specifically for this type of objects, through a special technique penetrate the wood and nourish it. It  does not lose the natural contact and the pleasant feeling that wood offers.
This procedure also gives the wood an exceptional resistance to water, alcohols, and especially of aggressive hand perspiration.
In particular, the olive wood comes from a country of Reggio called Varapodio, ancient trees whose average age is estimated at more than 500 years and  they are also more than 25 meters high.
 Of course none of these olive trees, however, and rightly protected, is torn down to procure the wood but comes from the same party or pruning trees uprooted by the wind.
The body materials pens are metal plated with real gold, silver, chromium, rhodium or gold-titanium alloys or other precious and this provides high strength and exceptional durability of color. Of course, they should be treated with care and remember to possess a unique object never reproduced exactly.
All refills are replaceable and commonly available.
Typically are magnificent gifts for every occasion, always welcome and never superfluou 






Carmine Fusaro

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